What I’ve been listening to lately:

I haven’t had much energy to write lately. My current job is computer based and now writing feels like a busman’s holiday. Sometimes I’ve been getting cds I want to review and then not getting around to actually reviewing them. I’ve bought albums purely to do posts about and then not getting around to that.

Oh well.

Just a quick update then. So first of all. As I’ve been spending all year listening to audio autobiographies of rock musicians on audible. I listened to both Paul Stanely and Gene Simmons’ books. They both got me interested in something that I have looooong been ignoring; Kiss, the non-makeup years.

When I first ever got into Kiss it was after a giant special in Classic Rock magazine in about 2002-2003ish. I went to my local library and rented copies of Psycho Circus and Alive III off the back of that. They weren’t what I was expecting, having been a child of Nu Metal, but it was enough to make me buy my first Kiss album. Destroyer. I loved Detroit Rock City, it was hard rocking and fun. Great Expectations and other tracks put me off. About five years later, it clicked and I got all the rest of the classic Kiss albums. I loved them for years. In 2009 I got their amazing Sonic Boom album. All this time, I’ve really loved all those Make Up era Kiss albums. However; even with really loving ‘Unholy’ live on Rock The Nation, and even with my favourite Kiss album being Creatures Of The Night with Eric Carr and Vinney Vincent on it, I never tried the non-make up albums. I dunno, someone once told me not to and I just took em at their word and ignored it all until those autobiographies ignited my interest about a month ago. Maybe it is because I hated the song ‘Crazy Nights’ as a kid. Who knows.

So. Animalize. My goodness. Some of those songs are almost speed metal. Revenge. Wow. This is way better than Psycho Circus. Lick It Up. I always avoided this as I thought the cunilngus theme was a bit rude to be caught listening to in public. But hey, look who is on the album, sure its only Vinney Vincent! Those two autobiographies made him sound like a bit of a jackass, but one listen to Lick It Up. That man can play the guitar! And even ignoring the whole Vinney thing, The songs. Exciter! Why don’t Kiss play Exciter at every single show?!

Asylum has dropped through the postbox today. Hooray.

I’ve also bought the three recent Clutch reissues; 2 disc versions of Blast Tyrant, Robot Hive Exodus and From Beale Street To Oblivion. I’ve loved the albums for years via my brother but now own my own copies, with lovely packaging and bonus material (although really annoyingly I damaged my Beale Street box on the first day and the back is all torn). When I first got into Clutch I didn’t have the cash to buy my own, but now as a full grown adult I figured it was time to fix that. Especially in the run up to the imminent release of their new album which I can’t wait for. As I am fond of saying; ‘It goes against my catholic upbringing, I admit it, but I’m a sucker for the Clutch!’

Similar to the Clutch sharing, I never owned my own copies of Limp Bizkit’s Results May Vary or Gold Cobra. I know there are a million people out there who would say ‘no loss’ but hey, if you are in the right mood, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of Bizkit. I am indeed a child of Nu Metal and while my older readers may have to justify loving Poison or Britney Fox to their sour friends, I have the same thing with the likes of Bizkit. I know its stupid, I know they’re hated. I can’t help it, I like them.

Next, I’ve been revisiting Shadows Fall a lot recently. They are rather considered a joke by some people I really respect. Not me. I like em. I’ve been banging through em all year. Fallout From The War. Retribution. Fire From The Sky especially. Fire From The Sky is my current car CD. Its been on repeat in the car.

That has overtaken The Book Of Souls. I had been listening to it on repeat in the car after listening to Bruce Dickinson’s autobiography. He is a good narrator. Some of those flying stories are quite commanding.

I’ve been trying to either loose some weight or at least not put any more on as my current job is sedentary and my old one was crazily active and intense so figure I’m due to balloon soon. I started going on hour long walks after work almost every day due to this. Almost all year, it has been Thrash Metal on random all year. A Toxik track here, a Heathen track there, a series of Anthrax tracks next. Its a good way to walk.

Recently though work was more intense and took up too much time and after working like 11-12 hours a day I couldn’t be bothered walking for about a fortnight. When I started again, I’ve decided to walk to Slipknot on random. I don’t remember why. Whatever the reason, I’ve been really enjoying it. Its really made me fall back in love with them, all eras. I’ve even been watching rare footage on youtube such as their first every gig with Corey or pro shot footage from just before they got signed when they were on stages too small for them.

Plans for future include getting into death and Powerwolf, and getting more Kiss albums. Maybe I’ll get Alive III after almost a decade an a half since I last heard it.

Remember all those times as a kid when they told you that you would grow out of rock music? I’m turning 30 this month and there seems to be no signs of that happening. All the people writing these autobiographies are turning 50 and 60 and they show no signs of that happening.

Hopefully I’ll get around to writing more well-written, planned out blogs in the future.


  1. I’ve been using Slipknot as a walking band recently too. The other day I managed to listen to Vol.3, then Gray Chapter, then All is Hope is Gone twice before getting home.

    What’s all this about Clutch and Catholicism then?


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