Volbeat – Let’s Boogie: Live At Telia Parken Blu Ray Review


With their live album/film Let’s Boogie: Live At Telia Parken, the Danish band Volbeat have really decided to go big. Big sound, big songs, big stage show.

Its probably the biggest show of the career at the time of writing, showing them back on the native Danish soil in front of a gigantic audience, with impressive guest stars and a career spanning set-list in all manner of tempos and timbres, show casing their heavy metal, hard rock, and country tinges all together.

There are electric moments, acoustic moments, solo moments, group moments, originals and covers. The set-list is really great, with all the major hits and even some deep moments, not overlooking any era. They even play the heavy as balls groove metal stomper B-side ‘Slaytan,’ which although only two minutes long is one of the band’s best tunes and really welcome live.

There’s pyro, videos, lasers and a replica boxing ring prop. Never a dull moment. The visuals are superb quality with really great quality camera work and really high production values. Compared to their earliest DVDs its whole next-level stuff. The editing too is tasteful and well paced without excessive ADHD-cuting, or any distracting syncing issues. The sounds is decent, well mixed for such a large venue and the do a good job of making it feel live and rowdy rather than sterile and pristine.

The packaging and booklet are really well put together and the whole thing just looks and feels really substantial.

Highlights include Rob Cagginao (ex-Anthrax)’s guitar solo in the gigantic sounding ‘Lola Montez’ as well as Lars Ulrich getting on stage and both doing a Volbeat song with them then playing while they do a Metallica song. There’s even a crowd surfing competition where they tell the audience they can win a guitar for being the best crowd surfer and lock into a nice fat stoner rock jam while they do it.

Volbeat are one of the most entertaining modern bands going anyway, with their diverse material that can swing from sounding like Pantera to Social Distortion to Johnny Cash in one song, and just when you think you understand what they’re about, the next song is completely different again, or has an unexpected guest, like Thrash Metal legend Mille Petrozza from Kreator or Grindcore nice guy Barney Greenway.

Overall, this is an absolute gem of a release. It looks, sounds and feels great, with a heck of a lot going on too on top of that, all adding to the replay value. A phenomenal band, at the peak of their powers, delivering an absolute definitive statement. This would make a real excellent first step into the band as a new fan, being essentially the greatest hits but so much more, with lots of guest moments, and showing off all the different sides of the band from the heaviest to the catchiest to the moments most atypical of other bands. I just finished watching it and had a grin on my face the whole time. Highly, highly recommended.

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