Buying Round Up

I haven’t been blogging a lot recently becuase my current job is all computer based anyway and by the time I’m finished work I’m done with computers, and typing isn’t so easy on a phone.

However, seeing as I just had my 9 year blogging aniversary, I figured I could at least write a quick blog.

So; what better for a music nerd to blog about that what music I’ve been getting.

A few years ago, back when I lived in Manchester, I got Alice Cooper’s Schools Out and Areosmith’s Toys In The Atttic becuase they were on sale (£3 each I think but memory is fuzzy). I tried them every so often, but apart from the most famous song on each (‘Schools Out’ and ‘Walk This Way’) I wasn’t very fond of them. I would try again every few weeks or months but I never really had them click with me.

Recently, I started collecting pop vinyls of rock musicians. It started with Lemmy, Spread to Slash, and before you know it, this happened…

They made an Alice Cooper one, and I was really torn over whether I would be the kind of person to display and Alice Cooper toy without really listeneing to Alice Cooper (first world problem, cry me a river, I know) so I thought I’d give Schools Out another chance. Eh, I t grew on me a bit, but not enough. But I love Megadeth, and they cover No More Mr Nice Guy, and I figured I should get the album with that on, and so I decided to pick up Billion Dollar Babies, and since there was a boxset with it and Welcome To My Nightmare on it too, well, that takes me to my first purchase to list…

I am not fully converted yet, but there are some great songs, Balck Widdow, Go To Hell, and Elected all stand out, as do Beneath The Wheels (Live) and ‘I’m 18’ (Live) …which I already knew from Anthrax, and Freaks And Geeks.

I also mentioned Aerosmith. I’ve been collecting Aerosmith albums as well now. One day, Toys In The Attic totally clikced with me (how on earth did I never notice how good Sweet Emotion and the titled track are?) and so I wanted to go deeper.

Then this happened.

Since then I’ve also added Permanent Vacation, Pump and Get A Grip.

You know, I’ve heard Dream On before and never knew it was Areosmith. Amazing song when you listen to it closely. I think Rocks is my favourite of the albums so far, maybe its the Testament link (Thrash bands covering 70s bands is becoming a theme here). I also like the 80s hits, Dude Looks Like A Lady and Love In An Elevator are very catchy. Get A Grip was more of a surprise, it sounds quite GnR , which is surprising as you would think it would be the other way around. The student becomes the master.

I also got a box set of 5 ZZ Top albums. I already have a box of 5 ZZ Top albums, but this is a different 5. It has their debut, Tejas, El Loco, Afterburner and Recycler. It is surprising how much they influenced Clutch. Ten Dollar Man is Clutch before Clutch existed. Please forgive me, Mr. Gibbons…

I also added some more Rush to my collection. I’ve always loved the 2112/Kings/Hemispheres triology, but was never quite as impressed with the rest of their output. I guess I came to the band from a metal fan’s point of view and the regaee and synths might not have been what I was looknig for when I was younger. But now, I just like a good song. A good song is a good song, and Rush know how to write a good song even if it isn’t heavy.

You probably also already know, since I wrote a review of it, that I got the new Queensryche album.

Its a seriously good album, pick it up if you haven’t heard it.

Also, I’ve liked Biohazard since I was about 14, but I never got around to getting their debut. I still remember the day that I got my first Biohazard album, it was my Birthday, my dad took me from our small town to Belfast so I could shop in a big music chain shop , they had a deal on Roadrunner Records albums, where if you got a certain number of Roadrunner albums, you got a free VHS tape of music videos called Drilling The Vein. I got Biohazard’s Urban Discipline, Fear Factory’s Demanufacture, Spineshank’s The Height Of Callousness and a 4th one I cannot recall (Maybe it was another Fear Factory album at the same time?), but when I took it to the till, the clerk didn’t want to give me the free VHS as one of them had a diffrent roadrunner logo on the spine (its usually a red square but sometimes its a black rectangle instead), and I remember very clearly my dad wading in and saying ”Just give the cub the tape, its his birthday,” and then them giving it to me. Nice memory. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to argue my case on my own back then.

Anyway, I really like the band, and their excellent drummer Danny Scheuler who really influenced my playing as a drummer. I planned on getting their debut for years and years, it has been in my amazon wishlist since about 2011, and I’ve been into the band since about 2002, and now I finally got around to it.

The other thing I’ve been doing is getting back into biographies. I’ve just finished reading Slash, and am about to start Ozzy and Rex Brown (Pantera)’s. I also bought a book about Grunge called Every Body Loves Our Town as podcast host Stephen Hill recommended it so many times.

I’ve also decided to pick up the last 3 Thin Lizzy albums (China Town, Renegade and Thunder And Lightning) after having finished a Phil Lynott biogrpahy called The Rocker. I have a lot of thoughts about them, so maybe expect a blog about them in the future.

What am I planning to buy next? A Freddie Mercury pop vinyl, and the new Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons ones (the old ones didn’t look good, and are out of print now after I decided to reject them, here’s hopnig they also reisssue Ozzy, hopefully in Blizard Of Ozz garb).

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  1. Wow Nice Rush and Aero collection…
    Done With Mirrors sone of my favs by them. If you come across Rock In A Hard Place check it out…


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