Motley Crue – Some Praise For Shout At The Devil

Shout At The Devil is hands down my favourite Motley Crue album. No questions asked. By a distance. Looking around in books, magazines and the internet it seems to be considered a classic too. I can see why.

There’s 11 songs on here and there are at least 9 I would want to see live, have in a playlist or see included on a best-of compilation.

I think it is the bands most outwardly metal album. Tracks like ‘’Shout At The Devil’’ and ‘’Too Young To Fall In Love’’  have a stomping power to them; ‘’Red Hot’’ and ‘’Bastard,’’ are basically speed metal with the power, energy and flailing double kicks.

There is a bit of variety with the more melodic ‘’Danger’’ as well as the acoustic ‘’God Bless The Children Of The Beast’’ (which in my opinion should have been the intro, and I have rearranged it to be so in my iTunes) and the surprisingly heavy Beatles cover ‘’Helter Skelter’’ (which is the only cover song the band did that I would want to hear in a set list or hits compilation). But its all good. No filler. No directionlessness. Its just all good.

The two things that really set the album ahead of the rest of their catalogue though, are the production job and the performance. There’s just more umph to it than any other Crue record and the way the guitars and drums sound just has more bite. The band feel like they care more, after they got used to their instruments but before drugs and tragedy impaired the performance. They just play harder and more enthusiastically than on any other album.

When I think of Motley Crue, the thing that goes into my head is the sound of the reverb in the title track, Shout…Shout….Shout and the image of them on the tour for this (like in the Looks That Kill video, like the current Knucklebonz statues or the old McFarlane toys).

This is the band at their absolute peak for me. Like I said in my last post, when I first got into music, I didn’t take Motley Crue seriously and thought they were a strange relic from the past… but now this album is every bit as important to me as Screaming For Vengeance or Powerslave or Holy Diver.

The only thing that could make this album better is if it had ‘’Louder Than Hell’’ and ‘’Live Wire’’ on it… then it really would be a 10/10 masterpiece. Heck, it almost had ‘’Louder Than Hell’’ on it if the demos on the bonus tracks are anything to go by.

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