Does anyone else edit song titles on their computer / phone so they can remember which one it is?

Eg. I renamed Parkway Drive’s ‘Cronos,’ as ‘Cronos (Whole World Swinging From The End Of A Chain)’ so I knew it was that one.

Done this dozens of times.

Anyone else crap with names, and do this?


    • Me too!

      eg. of the is always Of The.

      All words capitailised, just some.

      (live) is always [Live]

      Bonus tracks always have an * at the end and never a (Bonus)


  1. I’ve not done that with mine. I will fix to all words capped and for bonus tracks I usually put what it is like (Edit) or (Single B-Side) but I’m not all that particular or consistent. If I’m happy with the tags as they are I’ll let things go. Caps is the one thing I’ll always fix.

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