Whiplash – Insult To Injury Review

If you like Thrash Metal, chances are you’ll like at least most of the Big Four; as well as probably Testament, Exodus, Sepultura, Kreator and Overkill. If you like any of those bands you may delve deeper and get into bands like Sodom, Destruction, Death Angel, Dark Angel, Sacred Reich or Nuclear Assault.

If you still want more thrash, you may go for British bands like Sabbat and Onslaught, or indeed less successful Bay Area bands like Heathen, Vio-Lence and Forbidden. Maybe some Canadian bands like Annihilator, Voivod, Razor or Sacrifice. Maybe crossover bands like D.R.I and Suicidal Tendencies. There’s probably tiers.

The subject of today’s review, Whiplash are definitely a band worth checking out if you love Thrash but have exhausted the kind of 10-20 biggest bands already. Hailing from New Jersey, being singed to Roadrunner, and playing straight up, unadulterated Thrash, Whiplash have a lot to offer. Not the least known band, but definitely not the first band you’d be recommended…

The previous two albums to this, the semi-classic Power & Pain (1986) and the heavier Ticket To Mayhem (1987) are hard hitting, fast and energetic metal which has been recorded as a power trio. What Insult To Injury (1989) adds is a new lead singer (Glenn Hansen) and much more emphasis on song-writing over pure fury.

Don’t get me wrong. Most of the album is still all about face shattering impact, but there is room for singing along too, hooks to hang onto, moments of intrigue. “Dementia Thirteen” for example has a lot of groove to it. “Essence Of Evil” is a bit more technical. “Battlescars” sounds like a band trying to replicate the Slayer of Show No Mercy instead of the Slayer of Reign In Blood. “Rape Of The Mind” even has a very Led Zeppelin feel to it, which isn’t something you’d always associate with Thrash, but it works!

In my opinion; of the band’s original run before their hiatus and reunion, Insult To Injury is definitely the best and the new fan’s first port of call. It has the best production, the best vocals, the best lead guitar and the most variety. Sadly, almost comical album art, but hey, that’s almost part of the charm.

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