What I’ve Been Listening To Lately (Buying Round-Up):

I haven’t had much time for blogging recently due to buying my first home, getting a promotion at work, trying to loose weight and parenting a hyperactive toddler.
One thing I do have time for though is acquiring music. Since I bought my home instead of renting, I don’t have as much space for physical media anymore, so have been getting music from a mix of Bandcamp, Amazon mp3 and iTunes.
Here’s what I’ve been buying lately, mostly filling gaps in my existing collection, but a few new things as well (the live Volbeat album, Aerosmith albums 9-12, several of the Dream Theater albums, and  Smashing Pumkins’ Melon Coly’ were already in my collection, but I edited them in iTunes so they jumped forward in the list and it wasn’t worth editing the image):


  1. Lots of great stuff fella. Live Bootleg and Rock In A Hard Place are stellar albums. RIAHP is one great spin as Aero could survive without Perry and Whitford but the public didn’t think so. Good stuff and enjoy chasing your toddler around. lol

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    • I utterly love it, I listen to it almost every day since it was released. Reminds me of a mixture of Crack The Skye and Sepultura’s Nation. It really converted me to Gojira, before I had a few albums but they didnt click, but Fortitude just totally floored me and now the old albums make sense to me too.

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      • Very nice. I was really into L’Enfant Sauvage but I never really gave the rest of their discography a fair shot yet, looking forward to Fortitude. By the way, I’m santinit off of last.fm in case you’re wondering where I came from out of nowhere. Take care!

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