Computer Games

I am a computer games fan, and I’ll use this page for subjects involving computer games.


For now, here’s my ps3 trophies:

As you may have noticed my PSN is ‘gentlegiantprog,’ instead of ‘Kingcrimsonprog.’

I know, shut up !


*** Videogame Reviews ***


Game Entry the 22nd:
Last night I Platinumed Dark Void, the first new game I’ve played since Skyrim. Today I decided to play Dead Nation, partly to trophy hunt and partly because playing the similar Kill Team reminded me how good Dead Nation was. I’ve played through Dead Nation in its entirity and got the two remaining trophies I needed for it in the process, netting me another Platinum I didnt think I’d ever get after my hardrive transfer a while back. In getting the trophies necessary for the platinum my total number of gold trophies ended up at an even 100, on the same day I made my Judas Priest scrobles an even 2,000 and felt the need to share.



One thing I’d like to say is that Dead Nation is one of the most perfect videogames I have ever played, the graphics, art direction, tone, music, sound design, gameplay balance and in fact every single facet of it apart from the story is as close to perfect as I have ever seen a videogame be. I highly, highly recommend that game.

Game Entry the 21st:
After completing and Platinuming Skyrim a while ago, I was completely burned out by gaming and have rarely touched a videogame for two months afterwards. I played through and completed the brief Dark Void towards the end of February, and now in the last three days, cleaned up the remaining trophies I needed in Resistance 3, taking my total number of Platinums up to 27.
I downloaded the fun little twin stick shooter Warhammer 40K Kill Team, and completed it in one brief but enjoyable sitting, and may return to get the four or five extra trophies in that later on.
As for after, I cant decide between farming Dark Void and Mass Effect 2 for remaining trophies, playing the PS2 games Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica or buying a proper PS3 game.

Game Entry the 20th:
Since November I’ve been playing Skyrim and only Skyrim, and today I have got the Platinum trophy. By the end I had done 230 sidequests, 73 quests and played it for 158 hours. It is a very good game which I enjoyed a lot, I would rate it very highly and am pleased with a lot of the creative and design decisions such as the three-tiered autosave feature.

I had about 5-10 game freezes, about 10ish weird misc glitches and 2 broken quests, but overall it was the least broken Bethesda RPG I’ve played yet.

I’ll probably not invest so much into gaming in the near future as the Christmas post-uni-post-job time was a perfect time for Skyrim but now I’ll be focusing a lot more on productive endeavors (education/health/employment) and a lot less on entertainment.

My plans with gaming however will include playing Dark Void which I got as a Christmas gift, as well as trying to Platinum Resistance 3and possibly replay Space Marine. I also plan to pick up Uncharted 3, but perhaps not immediately.

Game Entry the 19th:
I bought my copy of Space Marine pre-owned/pre-for-rent out of Blockbuster, and thought I’d not have access to the online. (Its one of the games with these new anti-preowned efforts to drum up money from pre-owned sales, if you buy second hand then you have to pay to access the online content)

Luckily however, it turns out no-one ever thought to redeem the code on the box. Hooray !

Unfortunately for me however, it turns out that Resistance 3 uses the same thing, and my code for it HAD been used, which is annoying even if not unexpected. I played Resistance 2 online a lot and really enjoyed it, but I don’t like the idea of paying and extra eight pounds just play it online, when I already bought the game legally.

The measure makes sense in theory, if they were getting money off of pirates illegally playing the game… but they are just greedily getting money off of law abiding citizens. Well, it’s their network so I’m not really entitled to complain I guess, but it doesn’t seem entirely nice on their point, I don’t know how anyone can PR-spin it any other way than ‘We Are Greedy, Give Us More Cash Suckers!’

Game Entry the 18th:
I recently bought Resistance 3 (£24 in Blockbuster) and Space Marine (£25 in Blockbuster)

I started playing Space Marine, and I played it for the longest time that I’ve sat down and played anything in about 3-4 months, at the minute I am absolutely loving it. I got to about level 7 so far and the pacing is excellent, with gradual introduction of new elements etc.

I just hope: a) It keeps it up and doesn’t freeze now, with no more elements to be added. b) Its 15 or 20 levels and not just 10 and c) the plot and voice acting doesn’t start to grate.

Why couldn’t they get Dan Abnett or Aran Dembski-Bowden to write it in a more dark and interesting way?

Otherwise, it seems to be a bloody excellent game.

Also I played a few hours of LA Noire, but can’t decide whether its worth finishing or not.


Game Entry the 17th:
With my job, bands and exercise regime, I haven’t been in the mood for gaming since I finished Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow and Mass Effect 2. I still haven’t played Ratchet & Clank: A Quest For Booty from the Welcome Back promotion either.
I did play the brief demo for WH40K: Kill Team, which was alright.
As of today however, in addition to the entire of my (now perfect) iTunes library, I have installed every game I own onto my PS3 via a new harddrive, although this did result in the loss of some save data, such as bayonettta which I will now never platinum, because… fuck playing that all again in addition to what extra is needed from the point I was already at.
LA Noire is in the house, so I may start playing that soon. What I actually fancy playing is either Bioshock 2, MGS4 or HL2 (on PC) Otherwise I’ll buy something off my previously posted lists such as Splatter House or DNF, or wait for something important like Uncharted 3.


Game Entry the 16th:
I have just finished Castlevania Lords Of Shadow there now and Mass Effect 2 about a week ago, it bumped my PSN level up to 15.

Mass Effect 2 was great, and I may play through it on hard to get the final three trophies. Well made game, good acting and dialogue, fun to play, involving but streamlined. Just, good. The only flaw was Mordin’s Guilbert and Sullivan joke… which I hated, but then I hate the very concept of Guilbert and Sullivan.

Castlevania was interesting, when I started it, I hated it. It had all the makings of an amazing game (a big budget God Of War clone, what’s not to love ?) but it was so off in every way, the blocking didn’t feel right, the unique QTE timing was all wrong… the uncharted/GOW style climbing felt wrong (not press backwards to jump backwards ? Weird choice, I feel) and the combat seemed weird. Add to that it was way to difficult, with basic enemies having to much health, in a way that didn’t make it challenging, but just dull as you had to hack away at the same thing for way too long, not having fun.

After a few levels though, you bought/were-given enough new moves and types to make the combat fluid and interesting and you earned enough health to stay alive in boss fights.

The game has some major camera flaws, and weird ‘this thing only works on one exact pixel,’ situations, and the coda to the story was a dreadful, terrible mistake… but overall it actually was a very decent game compared to the catastrophic first impression it had given me.

After completing it, I still only had a 22% trophy rate, and the game is way too long and way to difficult to go for platinum, so I think this is the end of my involvement with it, maybe I’ll get some AVP trophies now, or play Quest For Booty if it hasn’t expired, but AVP is a no-platinum situation too… and Quest For Booty (Ratchet & Clank, that is) doesn’t even have trophies… so this’d just be for pure fun.

I remember when I bought AVP and Catlevania on the same day, to celebrate being done with Uni, it was a three for one price sort of affair, with Singularity, which they couldn’t find the disc for so couldn’t sell me. I wish I had it now, that’s what I’m in the mood for.

I don’t really know where to go next in gaming, I went into three videogame specific shops today and wasn’t in the mood to buy anything, I’d be much happier to spend the money on A Song Of Fire And Ice books, or more Ozzy albums…. so I did.

Maybe I’ll go rent Duke Nukem Forever, my curiosity has always been strong on this, but I heard its not even worth renting. But then, that’s what they said about Chinese Democracy, and it is an amazing album.


Game Entry the 15th:
I have started up a fresh game of Mass Effect 2 which I have high hopes for, after having finished Streets Of Rage 2 which was very fun and all 3 campaigns in Alien Versus Predator which I thought was a very good game indeed.

The human campaign alone would have just made a normal FPS game, maybe even a sub power one. The Alien campaign was a very interesting and fun stealth game which was surprisingly good and the Predator campaign was fairly inventive and could’ve made a whole above average FPS in itself. The combination of three short but sweet game types was very enjoyable to me and I would rate the game pretty highly. It was succinct and well crafted and rather than be ambitious and fail, it judged a mark and then achieved it well.

I also played Burnout Paradise which I would wholly recommend, and I’m not normally a fan of racing games at all. The game was a very fun arcade-esque experience, fairly expansive and one of the best examples of integrating a sandbox approach into a genre that isn’t 3rd Person Action Adventure.


Game Entry the 14th:
Nice One… I knew the PSN Welcome Back thing may have given two free games, but the 30-day trial of Playstation Plus that comes with it also gives you free games (Like Streets Of Rage 2 and the full Burnout Paradise)

There’s a fair bit of stuff up there too. They might only last 30 days and then get deleted, but still, its pretty cool.
Other gaming related thoughts, I’m taking a break from Castlevania because I wasn’t enjoying it and have started AVP instead.. which is enjoyable so far. I’m not really in a gaming mood however, not like when Fallout New Vegas was my current game. I’m still going to play Duke Nukem Forever when it comes out though.


Game Entry the 13th:
Playing New Vegas again and loving it, discovered tonnes of places and people I’d missed the first time, playing in a completely different way and have mopped up all the trophies bar the overlong ‘Desert Survivalist.’
PSN is back.


Game Entry the 12th:
Now with University largely finished I find myself once more in the Mojave Wasteland cleaning up trophies missing, quests unfinished and DLC unbegan… or in other, less prick-ass-ish words, I’m playing Fallout New Vegas again, largely to a soundtrack of iPod on random, finding things I’d forgotten I liked, or liked as much as I do both musically and in the game.

In the space between playings of New Vegas this year I tried the largely un-excellent COD Black Ops, the largely excellent (but script writing poo-fest) Dead Space 2, a game which has a trophy for completing the game basically without dieing or saving (a few minor rule tweaks, but basically, you get how difficult it is) which frustrated me to the point of giving up as that game constantly plagued me with cheap instant deaths anyway.
COD’s much touted top down shooter Deap Ops and survival arena Nazi Zombies were fun for all of one minute before it got old and the game itself was so strict in its forcing you down the precise and exact path that there was basically no fun to be had. That and the plot was just awful.

I also Platinumed Killzone 3, which was a lot worse than Killzone 2… still fun online, but now that the PSN has died in that hacking scandal… not much use. This PSN hacking thing I’m not sure what to make of so I’ll keep my big opinionated mouth closed on this one, unlike everyone on the internet ever. Especially rare and pointless on my own Blog of personal opinions… who am I trying to impress keeping schtum ?

Now I’ve bought Castlvania Lords Of Shadow and Alien Vs Predator for the PS3, which will both be getting a playing after or during my current New Vegas attempts. I would really like to have bought Mass Effect 2 instead, but it remains stubbornly high priced.

Future interests include Duke Nukem Forever, Splatterhouse, Mirror’s Edge, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Just Cause 2, Fear 2 & 3, Infamous 2,
…and maybe LittleBigPlanet 2, Lost Planet 2 and the latest Assasin’s Creed thing… and Dark Void if it was under a fiver.
Western Decadant Spoiled Retard Greed hooray !


Game Entry the 11th:
I finished Red Faction Guerrilla, I liked it. It wasn’t ground breaking (no miners pun intended) but it was nifty enough to have kept me entertained through out.
I just bought Killzone 3 today and in a really rare decision on my part, decided not to hammer through the campaign but instead to spend something like 6 solid hours online in multiplayer and I found it to be the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had online, bar the Bioshock 2 glory games, but there was too much difficulty getting matches and glitchy drop out issues that spoiled the otherwise magnificent multiplayer.
Killzone 3, being a ps3 fanboy magnet has no such problems and you can be online in like 6 seconds there are that many people playing it. Good news for the impatient.
On the subject of the actual multiplayer itself I found it to be really fun, they are just covering the basics – Kill people, capture objectives or defend territory but I have to admit they do it very well indeed, even adding in little cut scenes. They leveling up and customization is bare minimum which I suppose could be a drawback after a month of this, but for now I was glad of the directness and lack of faffing around.
And to make my purchase even better (aside from getting an undeserved 10% discount from the friendly Game staff) I found out I can actually platinum it, unlike Killzone 2, which had some of the most demanding trophies in history.
Furthermore, the campaign can be played in-house on co-op. Best thing ever ! Killzone 2 was amazing, but really missed out on not having a co-op campaign. Same for Resistance 2 actually.
In-house Co-Op campaigns should be a mandatory requirement for every FPS.


Game Entry the 10th:
When I finished New Vegas I think it had pretty much consumed two thirds of each day of my life from Boxing Day to about a week into January. I pretty much had to quit video games entirely when I got back to uni because this last semester is the one with all the work in it. I already said that as soon as I’m finished Uni I’ll try platinum New Vegas.
I did actually start Red Faction Guerrilla, which I am enjoying so far. It isn’t the sort of mind warping, life consuming crack cocaine game as New Vegas, more the dip in, dip out type of game and that suits my needs perfectly right now. I can’t tell at this stage if it will be as good as imFamous, but it is certainly entertaining me more than Assassin’s Creed 2 managed to.


Game Entry the 9th:
I’ve finished New Vegas. As soon as I’m finished Uni I’ll try platinum it, then Red Faction Geurilla. And you better believe I’ll be getting LBP2, Dead Space 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 3 as well as the ones listed earlier.


Game Entry the 8th:
I’ve finished Dead Nation now. Fuck me that was intense, the last level was astonishing it the sheer number of things on the screen at once, I cannot understand how the PS3 doesn’t freeze under such numbers. That game; for what it is, is a masterpiece. I cannot recommend it highly enough, seriously!


Game Entry the 7th:
I just bought Dead Nation, marking my 2nd ever purchase of a non-disc computer game, interestingly from the creators of Super Stardust HD the only other game I’d ever bought but not because of that reason. I’m really pleased with the gameplay and graphics… just excellent and exactly what I wanted. The other thing I love is the lack of comedy, I usually hate it when comedy enters into these things which is usually always. This is just good old fashioned fun without the need for anything wacky and that is perfect for my tastes.
I’m also very surprised that it has 30 odd trophies and even a platinum trophy as I’d thought download games weren’t allowed platinum trophies and usually only had around ten to fifteen anyway.


Game Entry the 6th:
Here is a list of computer games I want to play, but haven’t yet, but still probably will:
Splatterhouse (New One) Mirror’s Edge, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Alien Vs Predator, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Red Faction Geurilla, Medal of Honour (New One) Call of Duty World at War and Black Ops, The DLC for Borderlands, The DLC for Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, GTA 4 Episodes From Liberty City, Castlevania (New One) Donkey Kong Returns, Metroid The Other M, Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicals, Just Cause 2,


Game Entry the 5th:
After some months I have finally reached level 40 in Bioshock 2 online and therefor ‘completed it,’ and platinumed the game, causing me to move on and get the Minerva’s Den single player DLC; Luckily the game still lets you rise another 10 levels (to 50) after you’ve platinumed the game, if you aren’t the type who can let go that easily. More games should do that, have the trophy for a lower bracket, so you still have somewhere to go afterward.


Game Entry the 4th:
I don’t like online games as much as everyone else, I don’t get excited about pwning noobs and I don’t decide to camp somewhere and rack up cheap xp, because I like to play for fun. What is fun, I’ll tell you for nothing, is Bioshock 2 online. Its interesting that a game which is criticised for its combat mechanics holds up so fantastically online then, with only its combat mechanics really doing the work.
The little Bioshock touches of sentry turrets, Adam vials and Vending machines and chances to be in a big daddy suit are simple but so effective, really making the games online levels a better place to be online. The strict time limits, kill maximums and limited number of levels keeps the game razor tight and always able to deliver the same level of fun and enjoyment, rather than giving you endless options, most of which just suck.
The leveling up system is also better than every other online game I’ve played and when you filter in the familiar Bioshock art style and sound design you’ve really got a winning combination. To sumarise, I love Bioshock 2 online.


Game Entry the 3rd:
Two things, 1. I finally platinumed the grueling 160hrs slog that was FF13
2. I love Playstation’s controllers, Especially the Dual Shock 3 because it is wireless and rechargeable from a normal everyday min-USB to USB cable and except the original with no Analogue sticks.
Of all the controllers I have ever used (and that is the majority of them except for off-beat ones like the Jaguar’s) the DS3 controller fits my hands the best and is seemingly best suited for all the types of games I personally usually play.
I don’t like the Triggers on the 360, or the placement of its sticks and also it is too heavy for me personally and the Wiimote/Nunchuck is clumsy and the buttons are too far away from each other… in addition to it being also the heaviest remote ever and both needing batteries, which I resent as a consumer.


Game Entry the 2nd:
I was going to come up with a list of top 10 or top 20 videogames, when I realisedjust how difficult that is, more so than music and films they date so hard, so quickly and also any game you are currently playing is perceived as much better than when you have started the next one.
That being said I’d like to offer a few examples of games worthy of the top 20 list, obvious though they may be.
Half Life 1&2, Final Fantasy 7 and 12, Zelda: ALTTP, OOT and TP, Metroid Prme 3, Super Metroid, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Uncharted 1 & 2, Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil 2, Dead Space, Batman Arkham Asylum, Bioshock, Mario Galaxy, Super Mario World, Alex Kid in Miracle World, Donkey Kong Country, All God of War Games, Tetris, Metal Gear Solids 1-3, Grand Theft Autos 3-4 (inc. the ones in Between) Killzone 2,

And this is just off the top of my head.


Game Entry the 1st:
I just finished the L’cie Paragon trophy for FF13, leaving only the Treasure Hunter before I have platinumed it. I don’t like Platinum trophies or Trophy hunting in general enough to buy or play a game JUST for trophies, for example many people will play kids games like ‘Up,’ or ‘Hannah Montana,’ JUST to get more trophies, this does not interest me, nor will I play rubbish games like ‘Saw,’ or ‘Terminator Salvation,’ solely for their trophy content, but I do enjoy getting the Platinum trophy in games that I’d buy anyway.
This being said, the Treasure Hunter trophy from FF13, along with any trophy involving over a thousand kills online is just completely unfair and unrealistic.
I can honestly say I’d completely ignore this final FF13 trophy if I had enough time and especially money to have got more games, but as it stands the trophy aspect of FF13 is a nice substitute for an independent game. I played Oblivion for more than 145hrs and it didn’t have trophies, however it was like, the best game ever. FF13 is an okay game that is now threatening to become the game I have played the longest ever, and just because this final trophy is so unnecessarily difficult. As of Now I’m up to 140hrs.

A More Accurate List of Trophies:
Platinum: 29…..
Gold: 100…..
Silver: 353…..
Bronze: 1492…….
Total: 1974….
Level: 15…….

Burnout Paradise – 43%….
Redfaction Guerilla – 40%….
Braid – 47%….
Aliens Vs Predator – 52%….
Space Marine – 52%….
COD Black Ops – 55%….
Bayonetta – 68%….
Killzone 2 – 70%….
Gta 4 – 72%….
Super Stardust HD – 75 %….
Farcry 2 – 75%…..
Little Big Planet – 85%….
Mass Effect 2 – 89%….
Resistance 2 – 90%….
Dead Space 2 – 91%….
Dead Nation – 100%….
Dark Void – 100%….
Resistance 3 – 100%….
Skyrim – 100%…
Fallout New Vegas – 100%….
Killzone 3 – 100%….
Bioshock 2 – 100%…
Heavy Rain – 100%….
Uncharted 2 – 100%….
Final Fantasy 13 – 100%….
God of War 1 – 100%…
God of War 2 – 100%….
Gof of War 3 – 100%…
Borderlands- 100%….
Dantes Inferno – 100%…
Darksiders – 100%….
inFamous – 100%…..
Assasins Creed 2 – 100%
COD Modern Warefare 2 – 100%…
Ratchet&Clank A Crack in Time – 100%…
Batman Arkham Asylum – 100%…
The Godfather 2 – 100%….
Resident Evil 5 – 100 %….
Prince of Persia – 100%….
Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands – 100%…
Fallout 3 – 100%…..
Dead Space – 100%…..
Bioshock – 100%…..
Uncharted – 100 %…..


  1. On Dead Nation: the lots-of-things-happening-at-once was one of the first things that made me think ‘this console is awesome’ when I first played Tools Of Destruction, bolts and body parts flying everywhere and the game still running perfectly with gorgeous graphics and music unskipping.

    Glad to see there’s no comedy in it as this seems to be the way of all minor-developer zombie titles (though the XMB screen of the guy blasting the zombie’s chin seems like the game would be this very sort). Will play soon.


  2. I frequently see Mass Effect 2 for the very reasonable price of £20. My soundtrack of choice for the weapon-related trophies in New Vegas was Deicide, but it was a real assault on the senses and gave me headaches.

    Also, pointing out that you’re keeping your mouth shut about something just makes me want to hear what you have to say all the more. What could you think about it that’s so incendiary? Bear in mind I don’t frequent any forums wherein I could have learned what everybody else is saying about it (presumably that it’s bad and they’d like for it not to have happened?)


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