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**This page will be essentially, a real person’s blog. What I mean there is that this is the page you view for blog style personal updates, not the home page in which the posts are usually reviews that later can be viewed from the review page. Confusing ? Good!**


Entry 102 – Korpiklaani Live – Nov 24th 2012
I’ve just got home after having seen Korpiklaani live in Manchester Club-Academy, the basement floor version of the academy. They were supported by two other Folk-Metal bands called Andraste (who were unremarkable, and while not bad, absolutely forgettable and lacking in any x-factor) and Metsatoll (who were actually brilliant for over half their set, and would be an amazing band if they abandoned the folk bits and on top of that concentrated on their groove-based songs rather than their more extreme songs).
Korpiklaani passed me by pretty much, apart from when they covered Motorhead’s ‘Iron Fist’ and when they had a powercut. They were fine, just absolutely not to my own personal tastes.
I only went to meet an ex-bandmember I knew from a few years ago. We met, said three sentences, and never saw eachother again. Money well spent. The best part of the night was when I went home and made chicken. The chicken was awesome.
An observation – most metal fans are not handsome, not thin, not hygienic and either loud boorish pains in the ass, or socially incapable and utterly broken people. It really is a sirens call for freaks and weirdos. I say that being one of them, but still apart enough from the worst of them to find it distasteful. Where are all the functional people? Does no one normal listen to metal anymore? Sorry if this sounds snobbish or offensive, it just struck me how that was the only room I’ve ever been in where I was the most normal person there.


Entry 101 – Monster Magnet – Nov 24th 2012
I’ve just got home after having seen Monster Magnet live in Manchester Academy 2. They played the Spine Of God in its entirety and then an encore of tracks from Tab and the Monster Magnet EP, which I’m not personally familiar with (except ‘Tractor’ because they redid that on the iconic Powertrip album).
They were supported by a German instrumental Stoner Rock band called My Sleeping Karma who I’d never heard of before.
I was at the very front of the small room, inches away from the band. My Sleeping Karma turned out to be absolutely fantastic, and their drummer is absolutely phenomenal, totally captured my imagination for the entire set. If they had a good singer I’d absolutely love that band, but there’s only so much I seem able to like instrumental bands.
Monster Magnet came on and started straight into entire of Spine Of God. The band were all competent but kind of uninteresting, but Dave himself was a whirlwind of gigantic, gigantic charisma. I’ve never seen anyone who felt more like a rockstar, and I’ve seen Metallica and The Rolling Stones. He is so larger than life and extreme its almost uncomfortable to be near.
The only problem was that when he looks at you, (and I was literally less than three feet from him) he seems to be accusing you of not loving him enough, of not singing enough of the lyrics back to him, of not losing your mind enough. I started actually feeling guilty, which isn’t how you want to feel at a concert.
The actual material was slightly altered, it was a lot heavier, there was a bit of jamming and some heavy bits stuck into the middle of the long calm bits. Most interestingly, Dave sang ever lyric like it was real and the first time he thought of it, so trying to sing along was difficult but it was better that way as he’d elongate or quicken things or look you in the eye and say lyrics at you like they were his actual current thoughts, you got the sense he really feels this material and he really loves his job. It was really powerful, interesting and intense.
Had this have been a set of post-’91 material that I was more familiar with, it would’ve been an absolutely amazing experience for me, and as it stood it was still really good. If I ever see that Monster Magnet are playing near me again with a normal setlist, I’ll be there like a shot.


Entry 100 – Down – Oct 20th 2012
I’ve just got home from seeing a sold out Down live concert. I’m not really sure how to write a gig review so this is just a few observations, Warbeast and Orange Goblin supported, both were hard working and well meaning but neither totally won me over. When Warbeast were on stage, Phil Anselmo sat behind the drummer smoking weed and getting people to cheer. Ticket Tout type people bought all the good T shirts, so there were only less-good looking ones left.
Pepper Keenan who I am the biggest fan of out of anyone in the band was far away from me most of the time and I couldn’t see him most of the time (I did notice his guitar said Riff Lord on it however), so I spent most of the time watching drummer Jimmy Bower (yay) and new-bassist Pat Brudders.
Pat Brudders, I’ve just discovered, is totally awesome. Really great stage presence, happy to be there, interactive, just a genuine fucking rock star. It seemed like he was more famous than Phil just by how cool he was being to everyone.
It may just be my memory, but it seemed like the band didn’t play anything off of Down 3 Over The Under. They did however play ‘Open Coffins’ ‘Witch Tripper’ and ‘Misfortune Teller’ off the new EP. Phil dedicated ‘Lifer’ from NOLA to Dimebag Darrell and made the crowd chant the word Dimebag for ages.
The Crowd were asked who didn’t smoke weed, and then people booed said non-weedsmokers, but then Phil told them not to judge …but also advised the non-weed smokers started, and he used the word ritual a lot.
When Down closed with ‘Bury Me In Smoke’ they one by one gave their instruments to members of Orange Goblin, and the stage was crowded with the all the band members, and then it ended with Phil singing ‘and she’s buying a stairway to heaven’ and dropping his mic on the floor.
When I left the concert, there were people dressed up as vegetables and muppets (eg. Several Pea Pods, A Carrot, The Cookie Monster and Elmo) wandering around, and some guy in just his boxers got told off by the police for public urination.


Entry the Ninety Ninth – Amazon Update – Oct 09th 2012

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 107, The highest its ever been.


Entry the Ninety Eighth – Amazon Update – Sep 30th 2012

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 112, The highest its ever been.


Entry the Ninety Seventh – Amazon Update – Sep 22th 2012
My total number of helpful votes on has just clocked over 1,500.


Entry the Ninety Sixth – Amazon Update – July 20th 2012

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 113, The highest its ever been. Oh, and my helpful ratio went back up to 92% again after a dip into 91%.


Entry the Ninety Fifth – Amazon Update – July 10th 2012

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 119, The highest its ever been.


Entry the Ninety Fourth – Life Update – July 09th 2012
This section of the Blog has been severely overlooked recently (as has the computer-games and drumming sections) basically because I’ve had nothing to say really. I haven’t noticed, did, or decided anything noteworthy in a long time. I’ve settled into a routine of lifting weights three days a week, going to work, eating and then lying in my bed with a Macbook balanced on my midsection either listening to music, watching old TV shows I’ve seen before or else writing about music either here or in social media. I haven’t even radically altered my iTunes library or CD collection or did anything else nerdy.

Nothing exciting has happened at all, I’ve pursued no other hobby or activity outside of this since January, although I do have to move house in a few days, before moving to Uni in Manchester in September and changing my life considerably.
At any other point in my life I guess this would essentially be a time of loneliness, unhappiness and wasted potential, but I am just so happy in my soul and contented in myself that its just an excellent holiday from real life.

Oh, and I chose ten great Metal songs from the year 2002 (they had done ’82 and ’92 already) for a post in Walking Through Flames (where my reviews often get featured) You can check it out: here.


Entry the Ninety Third – Amazon Update – Jun 27th 2012

Another nice even number.


Entry the Ninety Third – Amazon Update – Jun 25th 2012
My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 122, The highest its ever been.


Entry the Ninety Second – General Update – Jun 11th 2012
Nothing much to report;I’m locked into a routine of work, working out, walks, and a tonne of music. You can guess the music from my recent reviews. Bookswise I’m dual re-reading Game Of Thrones and reading Skagboys. TV is mostly Have I Got News For You on a Friday and nothing else, and videogames are a bit of God Of War Collection 2 and Alex Kidd.
Then a bunch of Podcasts new and old. That’s about it for now.


Entry the Ninety First – Amazon Update – May 12th 2012
The main place that I post any album reviews which I’ve written has always been Amazon dot co dot uk, with more sites added over time until this Blog was started. Around that time I also started posting them on Amazon Dot Com, and today I broke dot com’s Top-1000 line.

1000 Dot Com

1000 Dot Com


Entry the Ninetieth – Amazon Update – May 10th 2012
My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 123, The highest its ever been. Also, my helpful ratio went up a percent to 92%.

Also, I rejigged the Media Collection page a bit, a bit more if you’ve already read me say that this week. I swapped the order around alot and regimented the formatting a bit better. I did this in addition to swapping out some of the more lacking photos for new ones, adding the vinyls I’d previously forgot to add and switching some of the photos that had stopped loading to a new hosting site so as to once again load properly.

In article news I’ve got two more ‘FIRST IMPRESSIONS’ articles and another ‘TGR’ article in the works too, they’ll be up in the next few days.

And in the never-ending fiddling about with my music library, I have added the comment ‘Rapper’ to all tracks on which a guest rapper appears, so as to enable a smartplaylist which contains all the tracks on which a guest rapper appears. In doing so, I realized that almost all of these were by Nu Metal bands, and only a few other types of bands (Slayer with Ice-T for example) did such a collaboration. I don’t know if it is just my own collection that is light on non-Nu Metal guest rapper appearances, but it seemed to be much more ubiquitous at the time than it actually looks like now, as represented by this particular smartplaylist.


Entry the Eighty Ninth – Fitness Update – April 25rd 2012
Ever wondered what weighed more: 12,000 Penguins or 73 Elephants ?
If you have, you are likely mad and may soon be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Regardless, The answer is the 73 Elephants by a thin margin, assuming we’re dealing with African Elephants and Emperor Penguins. Also interestingly, that weighs as much as about Half-a-Billion Pound Coins, as counted by an American. (Americans and Brits have different ideas about what a Billion is)

The reason I came to know this is that it has been a full year now since I started recording the data of my ongoing fitness regime. Since last April, I have done approximately (though this is fairly accurate):

5,890 Push Ups
4,060 Sit Ups
3127 Pull Ups
10,360 Tricep Dips

All the other weighted (but non-bodyweight) exercises that I did combined to a total number of 51,518 reps; resulting in a total lifted weight of approximately 546465kg or 546 Tonnes. Which equals 8.7 Challenger 2 British Army Tanks, or 218 Transit Vans, or 73 African Elephants.

It weighs the same as 57,473,684 Pound Coins or 12,143 Emperor Penguins.

This is arguably the best achievement in my whole life to date and seemed worth a post.
I may post on this again, same time next year.


Entry the Eighty Eighth – Amazon Update – April 23rd 2012
My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 136, The highest its ever been.
Also, in the name of nice round numbers enjoy this picture:



Exactly 12,000 views on this Blog so far, as of 8.51am (actually 9.51, daylight savings!) Friday 20th April 2012.


Entry the Eighty Eighth – Amazon Update – April 19th 2012
My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 142, The highest its ever been.
Also that Tull review has now got 75 votes on dot-co-do-uk and 100 votes on dot com. I’ve stuck up a celebratory picture of when it clocked over to 100 and became my first triple-digit review. Should it get twenty-five more votes on Amazon dot-co-dot-uk then I’ll have some sort of grand celebration.
In other KingcrimsonBlog News I stuck a few new lists in the Lists page and updated the Music Collection page a bit with a few new purchases. As for future Blog plans, a new First Impressions and TGR entry each are in the works, along with three album reviews and I’m also planning two new misc articles.
For even later on I am also planning to make a huge collage of all my albums, face up, in alphabetical order. I’ll take as many in a cube as the camera will allow, reset the cube with the next albums in line and them assemble it into one absolutely giant image that you can navigate across, but this may take some time to prepare. In the mean time I’ve prepared a rough beta version to check the possibilities.


Entry the Eighty seventh – Amazon Update – April 14th 2012

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 147, The highest its ever been.
Also, that Tull review that has did so much of this work (Noctourniquet, Utilitarian and C.O.C also helped) has now went up to 60 votes, which is the highest I’ve ever had on dot-co-dot-uk by a margin of ten votes. Also, renewed fan interest in Tull caused my Tull DVD review to get pushed up to a nice, even and unspoiled 50.


Top 150


Entry the Eighty sixth – Amazon Update – April 13th 2012

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 148, The highest its ever been. That’s breaking into the Top 150 now, the Top 150 of people who review anything; Fridges, TVs, Consoles, movies, Books, Software, Mp3 Players, Drills, Clothes, Furniture, Exercise equipment etc. My reviewing history is all music related. Prog, Rock and Metal music albums or DVDs. Its not even as though there are reviews of pop albums, jazz albums, country albums, folk albums, rap albums, dance compilations or classical music in there too, it really is as limited as the type of content discussed here on this blog. The only exception is two reviews of videogames. Surprising that it is possible to get so far on such a limited selection, but a fun little confidence booster nonetheless. I imagine that as soon as the benefit of this new Jethro Tull(ish) album wears off, I’ll plummet back down about a hundred positions, but it is pretty interesting to be this high in the first place.

Top 150


Entry the Eighty Fifth – Amazon Update – April 11th 2012

The Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 152, The highest its ever been.
Also, my review of Thick As A Brick 2 on Amazon dot-co-dot-uk, my main review home, has now netted 50 helpful votes, which is the highest ever amount of votes I have gotten on that site.



Entry the Eighty Fourth – Amazon Update – April 09th 2012

The Amazon Top Reviewer Rank bumped up a few more to 160, The highest its ever been.
Also; over on dot com, my Tull(ish) review has gone up to 72 helpful votes. I’ve never had anything over 50 on either dot-co-dot-uk or dot com before. This skyrocketed me up about one hundred and fifty places on dot com’s Top Reviewer Ranking, to 1,295.

It would be a real little point of pride if I should crack the Top 1000 on Dot Com, seeing as I only started posting there around the time this Blog was invented, some six years after I started on Dot-Co-Dot-UK, in addition to the fact that there are much more users there to (compete?) against.


Entry the Eighty Third – Amazon Update – April 04th 2012

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank has went up to 166, the highest its ever been. Its a pretty big jump from 188 and from 210 about a week ago.The main reason for the jump is people’s interest in the new Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull album, and my review of it snagging a bunch of helpful votes. Interestingly, on Amazon.COM as opposed to my usual home Amazon.CO.UK, the review has bagged 41 helpful votes at the time of writing. Most of my reviews get between 1 and 6 helpful votes. I also noticed today, after discovering the stats section of WordPress, that traffic on my blog has doubled since posting the review.
Its a fun little hobby, this whole reviewing thing.


Entry the Eighty Second – Amazon Update – April 02nd 2012

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank has went up to 188, the highest its ever been.


Entry the Eighty First – Amazon Update – March 28th 2012

My Amazon Top-Reviewer-Ranking has now gone up to ‘200’ – The highest its ever been. Or ‘down to 200, the lowest its ever been’ I’m not sure how to convey it correctly. It is the BEST its ever been in any case.


Entry the Eightieth – Amazon Update – March 13th 2012

My ratio of helpful to unhelpful votes on Amazon has gone up to 91% and I am just four votes away from a neat 1000 helpfuls.


Entry the Seventy Ninth – Gaming Update and others – March 12th 2012

I got the Platinum Trophies in Dark Void and Dead Nation, Rounded Gold PSN trohpies to an even 100, scrobbled exactly 2,000 Judas Priest tracks and started a new series of blogs called First Impressions. All are detailed on the relevant parts of this site.


Entry the Seventy Eighth – Amazon Update and others- March 03rd 2012

I haven’t really had anything to say of late. I’ve been doing a lot of weight lifting, had University issues to get sorted and have moved house, so most of my thoughts have been there or as always on music. I am trying to limit my spending, but at that have still picked up about a dozen new albums since Christmas, mostly Judas Priest and Dozer albums and most of which I have reviewed here.
A few days ago, In my borderline OCD obsession with my iTunes library, I went through every band again and checked if I agreed with the genre tags or not, and if not changed them.
The only other thing Blog-related is that I platinumed Resistance 3, which I talked about in the gaming section.


Entry the Seventy Seventh – Amazon Update and others- Jan 08th 2012



My total number of helpful votes on Amazon has gone up to 900, with a ratio of 90% helpful votes.

In other news I’ve finally, after long years of disinterest, began trading in videogames after their use. I don’t really need to keep PS2 and Gamecube games anymore and it is actively costing me money in shelf space and box acquisition every time I need to move them around the country so now they’ll get traded in, giving me a mild financial bonus (very mild) to counteract the nerdish feeling of loss. If you are interested, the game I’m actually currently playing is still Skyrim, which is furiously long.

My current musical listening trend is to take a genre in iTunes and listen to shuffle within only one genre, with the most common being Classic Rock and, surprisingly, Nu Metal.

I’m also going to be experimenting with hugely reducing my consumption of new music, new bands, new albums etc. I’ll still get things like Lamb Of God’s Resolution and Kiss’ Monster, but go some ways to reducing my intake from 70-100 albums a year down to about 30. It mightn’t work and that number is just what my personality does, but if it did work it would ave me a lot of money and brain power.

The last thing I did before adopting these new anti-wasting money measures however, was buy a new set of skins/heads and a new set of e-rings for my eight piece drum kit, which still for the most part had the skins/heads from the factory on it and should now sound a lot better for live gigs and recording purposes. I also finally added new beaters to my double kicks which I had bought almost a year ago but had been saving until the other ones felt a little too worn out. Annoyingly though, days before all this drum kit re-vamping took place, I managed to knock a hole into my primary crash cymbal which will take about £200-£250 to replace properly. Damn, so close to having a financially responsible year.


Entry the Seventy Sixth – Reading Update – Dec 09th 2011

For a few months now I have been slowly reading the entire A Song Of Ice And Fire series of books, which I have finally finished. I would rate the books very highly indeed and in fact wish I was still reading them right now, to the point of considering just starting straight back in without a break in between.


Entry the Seventy Fifth – Usual Amazon Update – Dec 6th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 204 now, the highest so far.


Entry the Seventy Fourth – Metal Music Archives Upgrade + Praise – Oct 2nd 2011

A lot of Amazon members have been posting kind messages lately, as well as Metal Music Archives who liked my Progarchives submissions, asked me to join, liked my submissions, said some kind words and upgraded me to an official Metal Music Archives Metal Reviewer as well as asking me to join as a collaborator.
Pretty nice ego boost all around, especially in conjunction with the double Amazon upgrade.
So, thanks to everyone who said kind words about my stuff!


Entry the Seventy Third – Usual Amazon Update – Sep 30th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 255 now, the highest so far.


Entry the Seventy Third – Usual Amazon Update – Sep 28th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 261 now, the highest so far.


Entry the Seventy Third – Usual Amazon Update – Sep 27th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 264 now, the highest so far. Also I went to Liverpool last night to see a Gamma Bomb gig which was enjoyable.


Entry the Seventy Third – Usual Amazon Update and Itunes rejigg – Sep 26th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 274 now, the highest so far.
What I’ve come up with today, to yet further perfect my iTunes library (its getting a little OCD-sounding now, isn’t it?) is using the sort-artists section to split my library into different people.

I came up with the idea when I was backing up all my parent’s New Age Music, and I wanted to keep it all for them but not have it confuse my library… so I added ‘zzzzz’ in front of the artist in the sort artist section (eg zzzzzTerry Oldfield), whisking it out of sight to the very bottom of the library.

I liked this idea so much, I decided to add ‘zz,’ in front of bands I was in like Bloodpuncher! and ‘The Stools and add ‘zzz’ in front of bands that I keep in my iTunes but are more for friends or relatives benefits such as Coldplay, foo Fighters, The Music, I or At The Gates. (I say benefits, but you know what I mean… ones that don’t originate from me taking an interest in the band)


Entry the Seventy Fourth – Amusing Day – Sep 23th 2011

If you are a regular reader; please go to iTunes and download the newest episode of ‘The Metalhammer Podcast,’ for free (entitled ‘The End First. Then The First Bit) and then skip and listen from 19 minutes in until 21 minutes in.

BTW, I am not Scottish and have NOT met Stephen Hill.

Oh and my amazon rating has gone up to 279, the highest so far.


Entry the Seventy Third – Usual Amazon Update – Sep 20th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 286 now, highest thus far. As well, my helpful vote ratio has gone up 1% to 90% (721 of 805) and I broke the classic Top 1000 as well.


Entry the Seventy Second – Usual Amazon Update – Sep 13th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 312 now, highest thus far. Also my love of Dozer and Rishloo grows exponentially with each listen, so, so much.
I just noticed that Resistence 3 and Space Marine are out now and God Of War Collection 2 is out in a week, so I think my lack of interest in gaming lately is about to cave in, and my next paycheck will disappear very quickly.


Entry the Seventy Third – LTM – Sep 11th 2011

Sometimes around birthdays, Christmas or busy release schedules you pick up a bunch of albums all at once and don’t give them the proper attention.

I’ve set up a ‘Listen To More (NEW),’ and ‘Listen To More (Old),’ playlist for under-appreciated albums gotten at different times and I’ll put them on when exercising.


Entry the Seventy Second – Usual Amazon Update – Sep 10th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 314 now, highest thus far. Additionally, I finished my iTunes project completely including ‘create mp3 version,’ of everything and then backing it up to hard-drives.
Also; I’ve updated slightly some of the other pages, nothing major though, barr one entry in the videogames pages.


Entry the Seventy First – Drums – Sep 02nd 2011

Today I took apart my 9 piece drum kit, cleaned and washed it all, got rid off all the horrible dust build up between the lugs and saw dust resting in the rims, polished the cymbals and set it up all pretty. I bought a new snare cradle and boom arm to enable my dual-snare set up (pics soon) and now am dying to get to play it, which I can’t right now due to neighbour proximity.
I finally bought a drum tuner (go drum dial!) and tuned up the 10 piece entire kit, batter and reso and now the whole thing is amazing… gorgeous looking, tuned, gigantic. I will report back as to whether the recommended tunings in the tuner’s manual sound good, but the product itself for ease of use I think is great, and the way it works, you can recreate the EXACT perfect tuning every time, once you find it and memorize the figure it registers on the tuner… so it will be good for consistency between recordings, and also it makes no sound so you could tune at midnight in a library and cause a minimum of fuss – they’d probably kick up so bother anyway, but fuck them… (the hypothetical librarians that is).
I am hoping to add a super-throne-with-lumbar-support to the collection, as well as maybe re-skin it all.

Also I am still in the middle of the iTunes renovation project.


Entry the Seventieth – Missing Tunes – Aug 29th 2011

I just noticed that there were some things missing from my iTunes library, harking back to the days when my mp3 player didnt have enough space for all my songs and things like the bonus tracks on Amen’s debut and any track with a guest rapper such as Fear Factory’s ‘Back The Fuck Up,’ got jettisoned for space reasons, Mushroomhead’s XX got wrongly labeled due to different editions existing, Maiden’s Phantom Of The Opera was missing etc; it seems I haven’t corrected all of those yet, and so am trying to do this now.
Also I’ll be adding b sides, remixes and live versions of cd singles and special editions that I’d deleted or never ripped for space reasons too.
Additionally, I am adding an * at the end of all bonus tracks for the purposes of smart playlists.


Entry the Sixty Nineth – Usual Amazon Update – Aug 26th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 327 now, highest thus far. Also I started reading A Song Of Ice And Fire book 4, A Feast For Crows. Also; after two failed attempts, my new project of creating a perfect template of hardware, software and packing for quickly recording any live gig or practice (for bands of two guitars, vocals, drums and bass) has finally worked smoothly.
This requires a Macbook, Logic, a set of Drum Mics, all my existing mics, mic stands, An eight channel mixer/soundcard, lots of cables, and a series of carry cases packed in a big tub.
Also, setting up the logic file for instant eight channel recording, all panned, EQ-ed, and mixed already before its even been recorded. Obviously this will not be perfect as each situation would require different mixing and EQ, but as a template it provides an instant passable recording which is perfect for quickly capturing a band and having the option to either instantly give out a good recording, or tinker with it in post for an even better one should that be the desire at the time.


Entry the Sixty Eighth – Usual Amazon Update – Aug 24th 2011


Entry the Sixty Seventh – Usual Amazon Update Plus – Aug 19th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 353 now, highest thus far. Also I bought a set of drum mics for constant recording availability. And I’m almost finished reading A Storm Of Swords Prt 2: Blood And Gold. And I’ve been buying a lot of stuff off of iTunes recently; with Kyuss, Chimaira, Clutch, Arctic Monkeys and Mastodon among the bands from which the songs come.


Entry the Sixty Sixth – Usual Amazon Update – Aug 9th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 407 now, highest thus far.


Entry the Sixty Fifth – Amazon Update – Aug 2nd 2011

Today’s review of The Ultimate Sin by Ozzy Osbourne was my 300th officially accepted Review.
It was also my 295th blog post on here… so close to double 300s.


Entry the Sixty Fourth – Just Amazon Update – July 30th 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 416 now, highest thus far.


Entry the Sixty Third – Second Update Today – July 26th 2011

I looked through all my lists (which were written at different times etc) and either confirmed they were still accurate or adjusted them where necessary to have all of them chime with me all right now.


Entry the Sixty Second – Update – July 26th 2011

A while back I noticed some of my older Amazon reviews had bad grammar and went in and edited them a little, fixing things like capital letters or obvious spelling mistakes in a few of the reviews. Last night I went back and went even further, altering paragraphing, spelling and grammar on a lot of them and even going into some and removing sentences I no longer stood by, adding paragraphing and getting rid of any horrible metal cliches and hyperbole that I had written back then before I knew any better, for example ‘the best album by anyone ever,’ was attributed to Cannibal Corpse’s album Kill, which just isn’t true, so I removed it. Other things included internet shouting, which is typing whole segments all in capital letters… its really childish and unpleasant and I hate it… so when I found out that I had done it I decided to remove it.


Entry the Sixty First – Just Amazon Update – July 23rd 2011

My Amazon rating has gone up to 418 now, highest thus far.


Entry the Sixtieth – 250 Updates – July 20th 2011

Today’s The More Things Change review was my 250th official post. Get me, all milestone n shit.


Entry the Fifty Nineth – Pointless Updates – July 19th 2011

I finished reading A Game Of Thrones and have now moved on to A Clash Of Kings, which I am about 33% through at the minute.
Still haven’t started videogaming again yet.
Starting a job on Monday (Hooray!).
May post some older amazon reviews of mine on here to bridge in gaps for when I’m going to write newer reviews.


Entry the Fifty Eighth – Just Amazon Update – July 1th 2011

The Amazon has gone up to 438 now, highest thus far.


Entry the Fifty Seventh – Reaffirmation – July 13th 2011

I’ve said it before many times, but I saw a review for David Gilmour’s On An Island that reminded me, that I really hate it when people seemingly mark down amazon reviews as unhelpful when they aren’t actually unhelpful, just an unpopular opinion. really strongly agree with the point about helpful votes. People too often mis-use unhelpful votes when they disagree with something that is helpful.

Unhelpful votes should be used for situations where the reviewer forgets to discuss the product, or says nasty and offensive things (and on a personal note, if the reviewer types it all in caps with no grammar and lots of txt speak) not just if they make a civilized and strong argument for why a product is bad.


Entry the Fifty Sixth – General – July 12th 2011

As you can see, I’ve been posting a lot of Deep Purple and Dio reviews lately, I don’t know why other than because I have the free time and its what I’ve been listening to a lot, that and Arctic Monkeys and BCC. I also ended up getting into Ozzy’s solo career, my musical consumption being what it is, I’m not surprised it happened… just disappointed. (Not really)

Soon I’ll get around to Kairos and Gold Cobra. Its funny but it seems I don’t have as much control over this as I should have (100% control that is)

My amazon rank has now gone up to 453, which again is the highest it has ever been so far. Like before, only further, ONLY FURTHER.

Also, one of the three band’s I joined broke up after not showing up to the first real practice. Classy stuff. Still, two more to go !

I’ve been reading and enjoying Game Of Thrones (I am a sheep and I don’t care… Jimi Hendrix reissues and Game Of Thrones please me) and am really looking forward to starting the many sequels.

That’s about all for now.


Entry the Fifty Fifth – Correction – June 27th 2011

Just a quick update, my amazon rank has now gone up to 455, which is the highest it has ever been so far. Like before, only further.


Entry the Fifty Second – Correction – June 29th 2011

Make that 459.


Entry the Fifty First – Correction – June 27th 2011

Just a quick update, my amazon rank has now gone up to 464, which is the highest it has ever been so far. Like before, only further.


Entry the Fiftieth – Stuff – June 25th 2011

I passed my honours degree with a First. That was a welcome surprise indeed.
I auditioned for and joined three bands, one a trad metal band, one a metalcore band and one hard to describe one, with at least two songs that can kind of be called a proggy version of RATM.
I bought, started and am thoroughly enjoying Mass Effect 2 on PS3.


Entry the Forty Ninth – Amazon Update 2 – June 13th 2011

Just a quick update, my amazon rank has now gone up to 476, which is the highest it has ever been so far. Thought that was worth adding.
In videogames, I finished the human campaign on Alien Versus Predator, which I found very enjoyable.
In vinyl wall, I won the auction for Testament’s Practice What You Preach and Judas Priest’s British Steel (Not Ram It Down like on my list, but hey) on ebay where I also got a turquoise star thing, which means a bunch of positive feedback, which seems not worth mentioning, but considering all the other pointless stuff I mention, I thought I’d drop that in here too.


Entry the Forty Eighth – Amazon Update – June 8nd 2011

After about a week or maybe two just outside it, I am once again a top 500 Amazon reviewer thanks to The Arctic Monkeys new album having been streamed online before the release date so I could listen to it tonnes of times before Amazon accepted reviews.
Curiously, for the second time, even though I’m in the top 500… the badge still says ‘top 1000,’ instead of ‘top 500,’ like the first time I got that high.
Also, if you haven’t noticed already, I posted a bunch of reviews for Testament, Mastodon, Amon Amarth and Dio.


Entry the Forty Seventh – Tiny Update – June 4nd 2011

Not many updates, just writing to say that I tidied up a few flaws and updated recent purchases into the Record Collection page and also that Iron Maiden’s Killers is another successful auction for my Vinyl wall project.


Entry the Forty Sixth – Vinyl Update – June 2nd 2011

Actually did it and started a project of buying my favourite album-artwork-containing-albums on vinyl to put on the wall as a big collage/poster affair.

Not really willing to spend more than £1.99 on any though, since the average postage is always about three quid.

So far I’ve lost two auctions (Holy Diver and Killing Is My Business) and bought three for £0.99 buy it nows (the first three Marillion albums)

The thing is my absolute favourite album covers of all time: Gentle Giant – Octopus, Mastodon – Leviathan, and Nuclear Assault – Surive all aren’t on ebay for less than like twenty quid.

Also, like Olympic ticket buyers, I bid on way more shit than I expected to win, so I’m gonna get a giant ass bill if I actually fluke winning them all.


Entry the Forty Fifth – The Way My Stupid Head Works: Volume 20 : New Little Update – May 31st

I just realized i hate it when songs in iTunes or folders in the pc have a mix of caps and non caps for the first letter…

eg. ‘Live for the Kill.’ ‘Born in the USA,’ ‘Breed to Breathe,’

… and now feel compelled to change them all, all the bastards, there’s probably a couple of hundred.

At least I can deal with it as I notice them instead of in one giant session, but still… I wish I didn’t care.


Entry the Forty Fourth – Summer Begins – May 23th, 2011 :
Summer begins, I’ve been to Gradex (victoriously), done any interviews and everything so my time at university is officially done forever.
As I now had all my drums in the same place I was free to try my Idea for a super drum set up, with the punk ride position put still have all my six toms set up, which I managed to achieve without recourse to switching tom directions, as you can see here.
I also made Minor Updates Again to the drum page of this blog.


Entry the Forty Third – Minor Updates Again – May 12th, 2011 :
Next entry in TGR will be RATM’s debut… due to popular demand.
Also I got a third new cd shelf, which now houses exactly ALL my cds, so perfectly that if I buy new ones it will not contain all of them.
What else ? I bumped up all of my weights for weight lifting by an extra 1Kg.
In other news, I have exactly 600 Amazon helpful votes.
Finally, new Blunderbuster Live Videos are being uploaded now, including the first internet viewings of ‘I Play In A Kick Ass Celtic Punk Rock Band,’ the full band version of ‘Dani’s House Party,’ and our cover of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black.’
…No, It wasn’t my decision to cover that.


Entry the Forty Second – Minor Updates – May 6th, 2011 :
There are new updates to the ‘Games,’ and ‘Stupid Head,’ pages as well as ‘Record Collection,’ and also I formatted the page explanations better.
Also I bought a new Snare Drum, which was fun and have devised the ultimate kit-set up which I will photograph should it work out in reality as it does in theory. The play anyway is to arrange Toms in reverse order of size and put the ride cymbal in the punk-position UNDER the small toms so as to make the best of punk-position ride and full toms set up. This would also free up space for an additional side-china if I so wished.
Also my iPod is fixed again now.


Entry the Forty First – Yet Again – April 30th, 2011 :
iTunes – Install updates Bro.


System Does not recognise iPod, restore factory settings!



Entry the Fortieth – Respectfully Disagree – April 25th, 2011 :
After having cause to say it twice today, I have realised something…
People should use the phrase ‘Respectfully Disagree,’ a lot more.

Think how much better the internet would be if, when people had a difference of opinion they answered ‘Respectfully Disagree’ instead of ‘Go Fuck Yourself… I’ll shit on your parent’s grave.’


Entry the Thirty Ninth – If I Write It Down Then I Will Stick To It – April 24th, 2011 :
Tomorrow is the start of my four month drive for absolute fitness… 6am rise, hour of brisk walking before breakfast (running after the first month), another hour of walking in the evening. An hour of weight training and exercise bike on even days. Completely expand on the whole sit up/pull up/push up/lower back side of things.

So to summarise: Absolutely no chocolate, fast food or booze until September, barr one get-out for each to cover birthdays, celebration etc… therfor only three unhealthy intakes in the whole four months, plus a real step up in what I’m doing exercise-wise.

I lost like 4 stone directly the last time I did this, last summer. Should have pretty swish ass results this time around. Going to have some turbo-assed self esteem for the first time by the end of this.

I wish I was smart enough to have done this back at the beginning of high school… but frig it, may as well be the best I can be now instead of remembering how shite I was up until recently.. ey?


Entry the Thirty Eighth – Photos Y’all – April 12th, 2011 :
Just a token post, haven’t been updating the blog much in this last two weeks and shan’t be for the next three as I am spending huge amounts of time writing, reading, rewriting and adding graphs and photos to, a dissertation. PLUS RE-WRITING.
So, don’t think there will be any major posts until four weeks. No grand re-listening, or anything long anyway.


Entry the Thirty Eighth – Photos Y’all – April 4th, 2011 :
I added game photos to the stuff I own page (due to popular demand). Also just want to say again… iPod synching to a super-library is the best!


Entry the Thirty Eighth – Non April Fools Post – April 1st, 2011 :
I factoried my ipod, set up a super iTunes library that is perfect in every way and just became a synch user.

And I love it.

Why in the hell did I ever not do this first ?
Well, actually the real reason is because I wanted to save computer hard driver space and so that my ipod wouldn’t get erased if I plugged it into someone else’s computer… a sensible reason. Also, you don’t automatically make the right choice, you try differnt things and discover the right choice for you. For me, the right choice is the ulta-library with synching.

I do feel a twat for losing my playcounts yet again (bar some songs which are as they were, but not enough and a really arbitrary selection) seeing as how I am the kind of person who cares enough about playcounts to devote a page of his blog to them. But I still have LastFM so there is some comfort there.

Overall though, go go super library !


Entry the Thirty Seventh – Life Updates – March 26, 2011 :
So that shelf I told you about that had too wide a base ? Sawed it ! Check me out, DIY manly man, manning it up.
Also I have filmed a bunch of new drum auditions for the drumming page which should be with you shortly.
Also I bought a Macbook, so sue me.

Also I have a few new entries for various sections of the site in the works, such as new how My Stupid Head entries. Check back in the next few days and have a good ‘all around,’ look to find them all. The updates I mean, not like… Pokemon or something. Although, you are free to find them if you like, I won’t stop you. Just don’t catch them on my site, this is a wildlife reserve and it is a crime to remove any living organism from the premisses.

Ok, that wasn’t funny, but screw you… stop reading this if you find it that difficult to just grin and bear the poor humour.

Ok, that was unfair of me… lets just carry on as if this post never happened.


Entry the Thirty Sixth – Site Updates – March 20, 2011 :
There are a few updates on the site, for example to ‘The Way My Stupid Head Works,’ which has a new entry and ‘Blunderbuster,’ which now has more videos mainly, plus the obvious ones like reviews and collection which update all the time anyway.

Also in other news, I bought a shelf like the two CD shelves I bought in Omagh and now have a deep personal attachment to. This new one is pretty similar but not identical, I may take a saw to the base which is to wide to have it sit beside the original two. Also it didn’t fit all of the rest of my CDs that aren’t in/on the first two shelves so I may buy one or two more until all my CDs are contained in beech effect, flimsy shelving.


Entry the Thirty Fifth – Victory – March 13, 2011 :
My band (Blunderbuster) won a battle of the bands last night, it was put out live over the web and all and some separate people filmed it for a music video.
That was alright.

Afterwards however, some soulless fucks noticed my taxi and got in it before me, because I was weighed down with all the drum stuff… and the thick driver never asked the name.

After about 15 minutes of no fucker arriving I realised what had happened.

Then the same driver did laps around me for fourty five minutes checking the names of every cunt until I finally got one from a different firm.


Entry the Thirty Fourth – How Stupid I Am – February 28, 2011 :

I wrote a whole new slop of stuff in my dissertation all weekend back at my parents house, which is a good two hour drive away, then backed it up on google documents, my hard drive, ANOTHER hard drive and my desktop.

I even renamed all the documents each time I worked on them with the days date so no confusion over when what was done could occur.

Then I managed to back up an empty folder to the two separate hard drives, the files were too big so didn’t upload to google docs and I didn’t notice.

When I got home I – for some bonkers, unknowable reason – thought my hard drives were too untidy and so cleaned them out of unnecessary files … including the only working copy of the files in this county.

So I ended up losing all that work.

I hate being so stupid.

About two hours later I saved the sinking ship of a situation.
I managed over the phone to get my mum, who isn’t comfortable with computers to find and send me the correct file (which it turns out I hadn’t saved with the right date after all) over a website I’d never tried before.

It all ended well.

Except now I know how deeply, epically thick I am


Entry the Thirty Fourth – Femisogyny – February 28, 2011 :
I have noticed a trend in basically all forms of media, be they televisual or lyrical that are written by women.
Now, we all know the trend of misogynistic works the male population has been making, we all judge it as bad and everything. Men write things in which women are objectified, etc.. you know the deal by now.

Well, there is an equivalent phenomenon, it isn’t the direct opposite and it isn’t reactionary. I’m going to call it Femisogyny for now.

There is this trend of pro-monogamy, get a man to marry you themes and lyrics.
This is not totally negative on its own but the whole thing is just as bad as any chicks-are-for-fucking brainless thing men come out with when accompanied by the seccond part of the equation.

That is to say, along with the much worse ‘Treat me like a princess,’ ‘I am special,’ ‘I am the only girl in the world,’ theme

Not everyone is special, princess numbers are limited and there ARE other girls in the world.
I’m pretty sure if you did tests on the brain the same part of the brain would be stimulated in a man’s brain when informed of imminent sex, would be stimulated when a woman was informed of her uniqueness.

I am by no means suggesting anything negative towards female songwriters like you probably have decided I am, I just noticed this trend and thought to record it. It seems hypocritical of society to allow women this brain stimulation and deny it to men.

The way I see it… Allow both – fine, freedom of expression. Deny both – fine, controlling the balance of gender ideas in the media.
Allow one, Deny the other – Sexism.

But then both genders couldn’t just write interesting or profound lyrics that aren’t aimed directly at clubbers during clubbing, could they ? That would be utterly mental.


Entry the Thirty Third – Back On Top – February 25, 2011 :
Yay, after a little exile hanging just after the mark, I am now an Amazon Top 500 reviewer again.
Currently #495.


Entry the Thirty Third – New Look – February 22, 2011 :
The following is a stock answer I am keeping here so I can copy/paste it later, because people keep asking which Napalm Death album is the best, but it is subjective and they are coming from different musical backgrounds so you have to be thorough and long winded about it. Anyway:

‘Their best two albums for me are Fear Emptiness Despair and Enemy of the Music Business.

Their career is really easily divided into periods, so choose an album from the period which sounds best to you…

Scum, FETO, Mentally Murdered — The very harsh early grind stuff, raw production, very noisy and unpleasant
-Downside – May be too necro and amature for some

Harmony Corruption, Utopia Bannsihed, Fear Emptiness Despair — Big Mixture of classic Scott Burns style Death Metal into the sound, now featuring Barney on Vocals.
-Downside – May be too generic for some

Diatribes, Greed Killing, Inside The Torn Apart, Breed To Breathe, Words From The Exit Wound — magazines call them more experimental, they have a mixture of alternative and other non extreme metal styles in the formula. Most varied work the band ever done.
-Downside – May be too un-Napalm Death for some

Enemy of The Music Business, Order of the Leech, The Code Is Red, Smear Campaign, Time Waits for No Slave — Heavy as Balls, Modern, Less Experimenting, Very Direct and To The Point.
-Downside – May be too repetitive and samey for some

Also there are a bunch of rerecord compilations, live albums and cover EPs but they aren’t good starting points.’


Entry the Thirty Third – New Look – February 22, 2011 :
I had a good old clean out, swap around and theme change to help spruce the site up a bit. Plus I added a page for my current band Blunderbuster and a few explanations for pages you may not understand immediately, without having known me for several years. If you want the Thrashagram (and I’m sure you are dying for it) its still there, under the other links, just a little obscure in a white-on-white situation.


Entry the Thirty Second – Meh – February 22, 2011 :
I just realised that I had forgotten this section of the blog, you know… the BLOG bit, existed. So some updates:
1. I’ve played two concerts with the Irish Punk band Blunderbuster and recorded a three track demo with them.
2. I’ve gotten into Architects, Foghat, Marillion and back into DevilDriver since I last wrote anything here.
3. I got some marks back for Uni, One was really good and one was pretty crap just to balance it out, shit, couldn’t all just be good, huh ?
4. I Did Pull Ups for the first time ever (barring any forgotten school-PE-forced ones) and that is one difficult thing to do, the whole next day my arms ached like the first time I ever seriously did any curls.


Entry the Thirty First – Post Hatebreed Concert – December 12, 2010 :
Hatebreed were astounding… I had such a great time. Got a Jasta High Five and ‘You are as Diehard as they Come,’ Point.

I’d never heard Rise to Remain before but they totally won me over. Got talking to the drummer at the end of the show and he had a great personality.
Ended up buying their EP.

…Good night. Considering the last convert I saw was Unholy Alliance nearly three years ago and before that was Tool just after 10,000 Days was out… that was a bloody impressive show.


Entry the Thirtieth – Is heaviness subjective ? – December 10, 2010 :

I mean, I’d like to take it as written that Cannibal Corpse are heavier than, for example Paramore.
I think it is obvious that Slayer are heavier than Elvis.

…But then you get people who turn around and say that Black Sabbath are the heaviest band ever, or that Motorhead are heavier than someone blatantly extreme.

Extremity and heaviness often go hand in hand, the only exception being the example of Napalm Death’s scum on which the riffs aren’t as heavy and the guitar tone is tiny leaving it one of the most extreme things ever written but sounding less heavy than someone thought of as more pleasant like Devil Driver.

And at that… is heaviness quantifiable ? could we develop a scale ? Are Led Zeppelin a 2 on the scale with the likes of Zyklon at a heart 8.5 ?

I can get the subjectivity between like are cannibal corpse heavier than Deicide

Ignoring WHICH very heavy extreme metal band is heaviest …
Is it a FACT that stuff like Death Metal is heavier than Black Sabbath ?
Or is it an opinion because heaviness is defined differently than just… you know, how fucking heavy it is ?

People honestly say Sweat Leaf is heavier than Hammer Smashed face and I either …cant understand that… or don’t understand what heaviness is in the first place.

‎…and I’d hate to be someone who doesn’t accept something as subjective when it totally is. Like how GOOD a band is or isn’t.
I hate people who fail to see that things are subjective

But this one…boy my brain just… wont accept that it isn’t a fact. It scares me a little that I could end up a troll idiot.


Entry the Twenty Ninth – Whats Floating My Boat prt 2 – November 27, 2010 :
Judas Priest – Band
Friday Night Lights – Film
Peep Show – Tv Series
Bioshock 2 Minerva’s Den DLC – Game


Entry the Twenty Eighth – I bought a new Tom Round 3 – November 21, 2010:
After getting the additional three toms for my kit and setting it all up I noticed that there was a free unused cymbal boom just sat there empty, as the base was holding up some toms via clamps it had to stay in my set-up but it had no cymbal… so I decided to add to my already over-sized set up an additional Splash Cymbal. I originally planned for an 8 inch version of my 10 inch Zildjian A Custom splash, but instead ended up with a 10 inch Zildjian ZXT Flash Splash… I was concerned that it not being an A custom might mess up my chi so to speak, but my Oriental China Trash isn’t A custom either and it is a perfect fit, so no issues there.
Now I have two different splash tones, 6 different tom tones, two crash tones, plus the hats, ride, china and bass and snare tones. There certainly is a lot you can do with this kit. This gigantic monster kit.


Entry the Twenty Seventh – [/End] of thread comments – November 10, 2010 :

I absolutely love Bonham but I don’t think he is still realistically able to be called drummer in the world ever; by reasonable, informed people who are not influenced by nostalgia or how much they like Zeppelin.
There is so much that has happened in drumming since Bonham, that he couldn’t do then, and so many who now can do what he did.

Sure, in the context of ‘its 1978… ,’ Bonham is definitely your end of discussion man, but it doesn’t really hold up today.

The same goes for Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Toni Iommi, Richie Blackmore, Brian May etc on the guitar, or any of thier bands in the context of best band in the world ever. It is unrealistic to blindly spit out them as the knee jerk reaction to the questions, its a learned behavior and everyone is trained with these answers…which I believe aren’t correct anymore. Its not a matter of personal opinion, its just a tired pledge of allegiance to the accepted public line.


Entry the Twenty Sixth – I bought a new Tom Round 2 – November 9, 2010 :
After that few years of looking I’ve finally tracked down the extra Cobalt Fade tom I wanted in the form of a 14″ by 11″ beast that I like to called the mounted floor tom, deeper than my deepest existing rack tom and shallower than my original floor tom.
The kit is finally complete, albeit it would have been complete without the 8 and 10 inchers had I found this first in 2007 but hey, what an epic kit this will truly be when its all set up!


Entry the Twenty Fifth – I bought a new Tom – November 2, 2010 :

In addition to the 10 inch Tom I bought last year, I now have a further additional Tom for my Kit, an 8″ in the Cobalt Fade colour which is so bastard-difficult to get a hold of.

Now I have a 7 piece Cobalt Fade Kit, only that final cobalt fade floor Tom which started off my desire for extra drums left to go!


Entry the Twenty Fourth – Whats Floating My Boat prt 1 – October 22, 2010 :

1. Zero Punctuation – Comedy Animated Games Reviews :
2. Bring Me The Horizon – The Band :
3. The Inbetweeners – The TV Series :

So that is what I’ve been enjoying lately. Glad you asked.



Entry the Twenty Third – 09/08/2010 :
How I Get Through So Much Music…
I’m 21. I have 450 (give or take a dozen either direction) CDs and 60ish concert DVDs. I don’t know if you’d consider that a small or high amount given my age, I suppose it really depends on your own musical habits and whether you consider those normal or abnormal.

Some albums I listen to all the time, some only get a few listens then do go ‘in the pile,’ which means they will not be listened to in their entirety for months on end (and in a few cases, years on end) and may only be heard if one or two songs on them feature in a playlist I have created or if a song from them comes up when I listen to my iTunes on random as I often like to do.

Most of the albums I buy get around thirty listens in the 6 month period after I buy them, then one listen a month from then on, until the band release a new album and this peaks my interest in the band once more at which point their previous albums get another 15 or so listens.Otherwise a play-list of this band will be created and only the songs I enjoy the most will be listened to.

I also tend to listen to music in a sub genre specific way and if I get a new Thrash Metal album by say Sacred Reich, I will then go and listen to everything by another few thrash metal bands like Overkill, Annihilator and Nuclear Assault.

Right now for example; I recently watched the TV show ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ which had a very classic rock soundtrack which made me go and listen to all my 70s era Heart, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynrd, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath albums between 1 and 5 times each, and when I’d done that, I got interested in finding more classic rock and so got into Deep Purple.

The same thing happened with NWOAHM this winter, Prog Rock when I was in Tech, Thrash metal when I was doing my GCSEs and Nu metal back in the early 2000s.
Some of my old Nu metal CDs are now going on rotation in a Nostalgia fix and so even though I haven’t listened to it often since 2003-2005, Flaw’s ‘Through The Eyes,’ album gets re-listened to.

This will no doubt cause some Thrash Metal albums like Death Angel’s first two or anything by Vio-lence to get ‘shelved,’ for a few years until I get nostalgic for Thrash.

I’d say I haven’t listened to any album more than 200 times in my life. Some that have reached 100 however, include Slipknot’s Self Titled and The Libertine’s Self titled. This is a rarity but may become more common with age.
I’d say there are fewer than 50 of my albums I’ve listened to more than 50 times but I still feel I’ve gotten good use/value out of them.


Entry the Twenty Second – 29/07/2010 :
I have an unusual taste in music, confusing and vastly contradictory. I like to think that’s because I don’t impose any restrictions on what I like, which many internet users seem to do, only liking one sub genre or hating certain albums just becase it is popular to do so if you like other albums.
Here is a list of things about my taste in music:

I don’t like the Sex Pistols. But Do like the Libertines.
I love Prog, but hate the Beatles.
I don’t like Angus wearing a school uniform. But enjoy Kiss’ image.
I love Napalm Death. Except their First two albums.
I prefer Corpse Grinder to Barnes.
I prefer Bostaph to Lombardo (but still love Lombardo)
I love John Bush’s voice in Anthrax but don’t really like his Anthrax albums.
My favourite Entombed album is Inferno.
I love St Anger but hate Blaze-Maiden and Megadeth’s Cryptic Writings/Risk.
I think Slayer’s Haunting the Chapel is shite.
I hate Sepultura, Kreator, Sodom, Death’s debuts.
I own no Judas Priest.
I don’t really like Black Metal. Except Carpathian Forest. I also love Zyklon.
I never heard Jimmi Hendrix’s studio albums until 2010.
I listen to Arctic Monkeys and The Fratellis but hate: a) Every one of their fans. b) all other indie bands.
I hate Oasis. And The Murderdolls.
But like Powerman 5000 and Flaw.

I hate Punk (no reason, just sloppiness and the attitude don’t do it for me) and Pop Punk. But Love Green Day. And enjoy loads of pop punk music videos.

And there’s more where that came from.


Entry the Twenty First – 19/07/2010 :
I started about for years on and off trying to loose weight and change my diet.
About a year ago I finally lost a stone, after four years effort.
After Christmas I started going on 3 mile walks between once and twice daily, completely cut all junk food and alcohol out, get about 3 of my 5-a-day, bought an exercise bike and free weights which I use on alternate days with 2 non consecutive days off a week.
I lost 2 and a half stone since.
I wish I could go back and tell my 16 year old self how easy it is to eat more correctly and exercise more frequently.

Junk food, Booze, Sloth:

Fruit, Water, 3 mile walks:

I like how quickly the results are apparent despite lying to myself for my whole teens that it was some greatly difficult task. This is just 3 odd months of doing it properly, if I keep this up for he rest of my life it could surely undo all the damage all together.

Old Pics:

Very much reminds me of the Jimmy Carr joke ‘Look at what a fat cunt I used to be.’
But here is another modern pic to stop me getting depressed. Look at the happy smile, does that look depressed ?
New Pic:


Entry the Twentieth – 28/05/2010 :
A Joke.
What do you call a robot who isn’t very outgoing ?
A Shy-borg.


Entry the Nineteenth – 22/05/2010 :
The following is a list of albums which I bought but never really listened to much at all, or never really absorbed properly.
Either I instantly disliked them, never actually got around to listening to them, or just feel like I haven’t give them a real chance yet:

Anthrax – Fistful of Metal, Stomp 442
Arch Enemy – Wages of Sin
Biohazard – State of the World Address, New World Disorder
Cannibal Corpse – Butchered At Birth, Gallery of Suicide
Caravan – Caravan, If I Could Do It All Over Again…
Cradle of Filth – Vempire, Cruelty and the Beast, From the Cradle to Enslave
Damageplan – New Found Power
Death Angel – Archives&Artifacts, Act 3.
Deicide – Incinerathymn, In Torment In Hell
ELP – Tarkus
Entombed – Clandestine, Uprising, When In Sodom
Fear Factory – Soul Of A New Machine, Hate Files
Forbidden – Distortion, Green
Guns N Roses – The Spaghetti Incident
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden, The X Factor, Virtual X1
Ill Nino – Revolution Revolucion
King Crimson – Discipline, Beat, Three of a Perfect Pair
Korn – All their albums.
Kreator – Pleasure to Kill
Kyuss – Wretch
Mastodon – Call of the Mastodon
Megadeth – Risk
Napalm Death – Scum, From Enslavement to Obliteration, Smear Campaign, Time Waits For No Slave
Nuclear Assault – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, Out of Order,
Overkill – Under the Influence
Onslaught – The Force
Pink Floyd – Everything beofre ‘Atom Heart Mother,’
Queen – Greatest Hits Boxset
Roger Waters – Everything
Sepultura – Chaos A.D, Roots
Silverchair – Everything
Slayer – Haunting the Chapel, Live Undead, Hell Awaits, Undisputed Attitude,
S.O.D – Speak English or Die
Soulfly – Dark Ages, Conquer
Spineshank – Strictly Diesel
Vio-lence – Eternal Nightmare, Oppressing the Masses
Voivod – Killing Technology, Dimension Hatros


I own them all, but I feel I don’t know these albums, like they are overlooked and that it was maybe a waste for me to have bought them at all.
Even if there are one or two songs off of them which I listen to in isolation quite often.




Entry the Eighteenth – 21/05/2010 :
I’m not really a huge Metallica fan, I like about two songs off Kill Em All, Half of Ride The Lightning, Most of Puppets, All of Justice, Less than half of each subsequent album except St. Anger and I’ve only ever seen them live twice. Although I do own a few live dvds.

Separate from Metallica (as far as that is possible) I frigging love St. Anger and the Some Kind of Monster film. Both just really please my brain.


I can totally see why people would hate both, but the things that people use to say it ruins the album/film don’t ruin them for me.
So there aren’t any solos? It doesn’t bother me, I’ve heard solos before, I’ll hear them again, I can go 80 minutes without them.

The snare sound ? So what, I love Tool. Danny Carey plays with the snare off all the time and no one complains so bitterly. It doesn’t actually sound ‘bad,’ to me at all. It just sounds different, your brain says ‘the snare is off,’ but that doesn’t mean it sounds bad, to me at least.
I love the production on St. Anger, I love the striped down rehearsal feel of it all, it feels like a Clutch album. It should please any musician to hear a larger than reality band like Metallica sound like they do in a room, not through the magic production vortex that, while awesome and necessary… can feel alienating when your in the right mood.

I also love the weird un-Hetfield vocals that make it so unique. I loved them even more once I saw the film and understood why they sound that way.
I love the song writing most of all, those HUGE chunky riffs.


Plus it has all sorts of positive associations with my teens, my friends at the time, learning to play the drums, starting bands.

Overall, I love that album it just stimulates my brain in a very special way that Death Magnetic and Endgame don’t.
I’d go so far as to say that it is the single most underrated album available on a major label.



Entry the Seventeenth – 14/05/2010 :
So what’s been happening since my last update ?
Well, I added dates to the Entry system to help future readers… or actually just so you can tell if an entry is new.
Secondly, I won £85 on the Lottery. Result!
This means I will be buying Mario Galaxy 2 sooner than


  1. I want to be re-involved on the BP album. I will record drum tracks in Ireland and internet them to you. Seeing as how I like you some, for this I charge no money. I am doing it though, so fucking deal with it.

    Also my submission for the handsome fellow quiz- is it Flames Neeson? As that is now you.

    Also the Slipknot thing is perhaps beneath you, instead you should donate money to me and never watch Voliminal again in any capacity, especially not one that involves you to work hard on it. I’d sooner sick a vole (take it as read that I’ve eaten a vole, aforehand).

    Also I’m stealing the fuck out of so much of your blog, which is exceptionally organised.


    • The first day you posted this I only saw ‘I want to be re-involved on the BP album. I will record drum tracks in Ireland and internet them to you. Seeing as how I like you some, for this I charge no money. I am doing it though, so fucking deal with it.’

      So I’ve only saw the rest today.

      So in response. 1. It is.
      2. Still doing it anyway…AND YOU’RE WATCHING IT.
      3. Ha…gross
      4. Fair enough.


  2. “Cradle of Filth – Vempire, Cruelty and the Beast” – Sort it.

    Also, you frequently make references to Chaos AD and Butchered At Birth that imply you ARE familiar with them. Which is it???

    As for the rest of them that I’ve heard, I can mostly confirm that they’re not worth your time at all.


    • Well, I feel that I haven’t give those albums enough listens for something I’ve bought, and more importantly I didn’t when they were newly bought and that feeling never really goes away.

      A similar story wit Megadeth’s Cryptic Writings and Entombed’s Wolverine Blues and suprisingly Carpathian Forest’s Defending the Throne of Evil even though I’m pretty damn familiar with em all now.


  3. “I prefer Corpse Grinder to Fisher.”

    Same person Jim.

    As a bona-fide Death fan (I reckon by now), I can confirm that Scream Bloody Gore is fairly unlistenable.


  4. Fear, Emptiness, Despair is anomalous in the Napalm catalogue- it doesn’t fit into any sort of category one might want to arrange their albums into. While it has certain traits in common with Diatribes, it sounds absolutely nothing like Harmony Corruption or Utopia Banished.

    Also, given for how long they played in each style (say 4 years of initial grind, three of Burns-metal, one of whatever F.E.D. represents, about 5 of mid-90s ND and current ND since then), I don’t think it’s fair to say that any one period is ‘un-Napalm Death’, because no two non-consecutive periods are the same.


  5. Have you played much with that set up? It looks like it’d be painful, I used to play with my toms that near-vertical and fucking killed my wrists. The ride looks in a really comfy position though, and if you weren’t packed into that corner you’d have more room for those floor toms. SUCCESS!


  6. You really only just discovered the stats section? You should bookmark the dashboard as you can keep up to date with comments, stats and what people are searching for to get to your site. You can then, if you can be bothered, tailor existing posts to get more hits based on what people are looking for. Like that post I wrote last week about that cartoon Crash Canyon is a first-pager on Google if you search for “Crash Canyon wiki” or something similar, which I in turn added to the tags etc.

    If you want more hits (and who doesn’t, really?), you should post all your updates as blog posts rather than updating this page because it doesn’t come up in RSS, and add a page break on most of your longer articles or reviews because then you get a hit for the main page check and a hit for the ‘click more’, plus it better reflects what people are actually interested enough to read.

    I think your Amazon reviews do so well because you review things a lot of people want to know about very, very quickly and in a proven, solid, reasonable and exhaustive manner. Again, you know exactly how to do this and I reckon people know what to expect from you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a regular readership on Amazon.


  7. Also, I forgot to mention, if you update a page like this or Computer Games or The Way My Stupid Head Works etc. I, and by extension any other subscribers, aren’t notified of it. I can speak for myself at least when I say I’d like to be notified EVERY time you write something new. At all.


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